Adobe Flash
Versions of Adobe's Flash browser plugin.
Extract zip, rar and 7z files.
Saved off of archive.org. Includes PopCap demos for PC, Palm, and Pocket PC.
Programs for playing and mixing music.
Development Tools
More nitty-gritty applications for development and the such.
Transfer files between machines and servers.
Games and Emulators
(currently only a borked build of RetroArch is here)
IRC and Chat Clients
AIM, mIRC and assorted goodies.
Software that deals with image viewing and editing.
Palm Desktop and applications for Palm devices.
Patches and Updates
A good place to start as any. Get (relatively) up to date. Kernel extensions as well allow Windows 2000 to run later programs.
Programs for getting stuff done.
Tools for VM guests (and hosts).
Web Browsers
More comfortable web browsing than Internet Explorer 6.
Windows Media Player
Visualizations, skins, and add-ins for Windows Media Player.
Windows Mobile
Software useful for Windows Mobile and Pocket PC devices.
dotNet Framework
Run programs developed in VB.NET and C# that target .NET Framework 2.0.
Gopher Clients.7z

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w2krepo has a Gopher mirror, available here:


As the mirror is hosted independently, we ask that you download as you need. To be easy on network load, some larger files are not available through this service; external HTTP links for these are provided.

We recommend RetroZilla for old systems, and Gophie for modern systems. For more information on Gopher, please see the Gopher Information Repository.

Other helpful repositories: