Welcome to w2krepo!

w2krepo is a software preservation project. We've been serving PC users since 2019 in our pursuit to supply you with the finest quality software for your Windows 2000 PC and Windows Mobile Smartphone!

Pardon our dust! This is a new version of the site and several URLs have changed.. Still working on a changelog. Thanks for your patience! - lince


w2krepo has a Gopher mirror, available here:


As the mirror is hosted independently, we ask that you download as you need. To be easy on network load, some larger files are not available through this service; external HTTP links are provided in their place.

At this time, we recommend RetroZilla for old systems, and Gophie for modern systems. For more information on Gopher, check out the Information Repository.

If you're on a modern browser and are just curious about what Gopher is like, try our Gopherlens service hosted on Replit.

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